It is 100% Possible to Have Epic Outdoor Experiences - without being an expert.

This self-guided Outdoor 101 crash course helps beginners feel confident and prepared to plan their dream outdoor adventures.


i was planning a couples trip to Shenandoah and your course guide was the first thing i thought of. girl your camping tips came in handy!

i 100% recommend this course if you want to become more outdoorsy

I make it EASIER for you to get OUTDOORS.

Black Hiker getting outdoors in Joshua Tree National Park holding a backpack, hand on her hip, wearing an afro
Planning outdoor trips shouldn't feel overwhelming. I'm here to help you get outdoors without it totally sucking.

Hi! I'm Olivia, your Get Outdoors 101 course instructor.
I help thousands of people like you feel comfortable and capable exploring beautiful outdoor destinations, so you can...

✔︎ unplug

✔︎ de-stress

✔︎ reap the wellness benefits of nature!

I've been in your shoes. I once considered the outdoors overwhelming to plan, scary, and challenging.

✔︎ I understand your concerns about getting outdoors

✔︎ I won't mock your comfort needs nor gatekeep nature

✔︎ I have 10 years experience exploring the outdoors

As featured in

Logos of where I've been featured, including CNN, CNBC, OWN, the oprah magazine, lonely planet, the CDC, Columbia, go RVing, and more

Does this sound like you?


"I want to get outdoors more but don't know where to start."
"Being outdoors sounds uncomfortable and scary AF."

then Get Outdoors 101 is calling your name.

facebook comment that says "these people need to take your course"
outdoor course lectures


Self-guided Lectures

printable camping packing lists and more


Printable Lists

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Helpful Practice Quizzes

Who This Course is For

Black woman standing in her swimsuit at a desert glamping campsite with a steel basin for a pool
1. The Outdoor-Curious

No more intimidation and discomfort! Use the bonus quizzes to find your outdoor match.

Black woman walking along the edge of a national park road, with blue mesa rock structures towering behind her
2. Beginners + Enthusiasts

I'll tell you where to get started with my best planning methods and recommend trips.

Black woman with micro twists holding a paddle in a canoe on a river, she is wearing a life jacket
3. Women + BIPOC

Worried about safety and diversity? As a WOC, my tips aim to help you feel comfortable outside.

What to Expect:

This beginner online training focuses on warm-season outdoor trip planning and skills: including hiking and camping, safety tips, US national parks, and more. Lectures include videos with closed captions, printable checklists, and screen-recorded demos of my methods.

Time Commitment:

  • Take the whole crash course in one day
  • Or you can break it up and spend about 30 minutes a day for a week
  • Or spend 2 hours a week and be done in a month

5 icons that list course features: on-demand video, a-z terminology, demos and quizzes, checklists, 30-day guarantee refund
Testimonial: I'm so much more confident about my trip to South America next year because of this course I feel more aware digital planning resources and want to look forward to find hikes excursions accessible to my fitness level. I would recommend the scores to anyone wanting to feel more confident in adventuring outside.
Instructor Olivia Hiking in the Atacama Desert, turning around and giving a thumbs up while smiling

What are Students Learning?

See for yourself in these comment screenshots.

comment screenshot 1

Sierra learned where to book glamping campsites

My camping lectures help you find the right campsites for you. This student is taking a trip to Australia and used the research strategies from my camping demo to find glamping spots.

comment screenshot 2

Jen learned ways to plan outdoor trips without a car

Learn different ways to afford and transport to National Parks. This student had no idea Amtrak offered National Park packages that covered lodging and transport too - for cheaper than a DIY road trip!

By the end of this course, you’ll...

  • Feel confident planning an outdoor trip to get active and de-stress
  • Know hacks to afford outdoor experiences
  • Have a list of beginner-friendly places to visit next
  • Learn safety skills and terminology for exploring outdoors

and receive a signed certificate of completion!

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Still Not Convinced?

Read this case study about our student, Adaobi:

This course pushed me out of my comfort zone, and I'm so glad for it. I never imagined the city gal would climb a volcano mountain, but I was much more confident to experience the outdoors, even as a solo female things to Olivia's tips.
Solo traveler, walking along a road

Adaobi was a business-minded city girl who wasn't comfortable with the idea of adventuring outdoors, especially solo! But she knew she wanted to try something different.

Outdoor 101 student standing in front of a trail sign on a mountain

She overcame her discomfort with the idea of being solo in nature thanks to our course by equipping herself with safety skills so that she could feel comfortable taking the leap.

Group of solo female travelers hiking

Because of the tips and resources available in this course, Adaobi was not only able to have a safe and memorable experience, she also made friends along the way!

Course Curriculum

outdoor course lectures


Expert Lectures


Printable Lists


Practice Quizzes


Review the Get Outdoors 101 curriculum below. Please note, lectures and schedule may be adjusted.

Available in days
days after you enroll
  The Benefits of Getting Outdoors
Available in days
days after you enroll
  How to Hike More (without it sucking)
Available in days
days after you enroll
  How to Get Camping (without it sucking)
Available in days
days after you enroll
  Outdoor Safety
Available in days
days after you enroll
  Outdoor Access and Inclusivity
Available in days
days after you enroll
  Outdoor Trip Recommendations
Available in days
days after you enroll
  Your Next Steps: Plan Your Trip
Available in days
days after you enroll
  Bonus Content for Course Completion
Available in days
days after you enroll
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Your Investment

Course FAQs

Can this really help me become more outdoorsy?

  • Yes! Most barriers to the outdoors are in regards to safety, camping and hiking discomfort, and confusion planning.

    We cover all those things to help you feel prepared and ready to conquer the outdoors with ease.

What will I get out of this course?

  • You will learn "where to start" with getting outdoors
  • You will learn easy methods to research, plan, and book trips
  • You will learn how to find hikes that fit your fitness level
  • You will learn how to find campsites that fit your comfort level
  • You will develop fundamental safety skills for exploring outdoors
  • You will feel comfortable integrating outdoor activities to support your wellness (de-stress, become more active, unplug)

What are the course requirements?

  • You should be excited to learn about the outdoors and its benefits
  • You should be curious about getting outdoors more

Do I need to have outdoor experience to take this course?

  • No prior knowledge of the outdoors is required

Who is this course for?

  • Anyone who wants to get outdoors more
  • Beginners who want to learn outdoors 101
  • Enthusiasts who've done a few outdoor trips but want to get comfortable planning their own adventures

What is your refund policy?

  • We offer a 14-day refund to any unsatisfied student who felt they didn't learn anything useful about getting outdoors from this course.

Are there scholarships or group pricing for this course?

  • This course is ALWAYS FREE for Indigenous students. Please contact us directly to request access.
  • We also have a limited amount of scholarships available to those who demonstrate financial hardship. Please contact us directly for more information.

Accessibility options:

  • This course is a mix of video with captions, imagery with text-based information, and PDF downloads. Transcripts can be available upon request, just contact us directly if you have further accessibility needs.

Outdoor activities and/or exercise such as, but not limited to, hiking and/or camping are not without risk. This course does not endorse unsafe activities and is not a substitute for advice and instructions from park rangers, police, or other health and safety officials. By taking this course you acknowledge and agree that you are choosing to engage in outdoor recreation and physical activities at your own risk.

This site does not contain medical/health advice. The information provided in this course is for informational and educational purposes only and is not a substitute for professional medical advice. Please speak to your doctor or a qualified medical professional before partaking in any physical activity, especially if you are pregnant, have any medical/health condition, or are taking any type of medication or supplements.

This Outdoor 101 course includes:

  • Hiking for beginners: hiking tips, safety hiking, hike tips, hiking gear for beginners, hiking hacks, beginner hiking guide
  • Camping for beginners: camping hacks, camping tips, camping food hacks, camping tips and tricks, Irving tips, tent camping ideas
  • information on the benefits of nature, nature wellbeing, soft adventure tourism